Can You Receive Benefits for a Temporary Disability?

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The good news is you’re expected to recover.

The bad news is having to deal with medical expenses and lost wages during your recovery.

If you’ve suffered an on-the-job injury, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if your disability is temporary. 

You’ll want to reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you navigate the workers’ compensation process.

Types of Temporary Disability

There are two types of temporary disability resulting from a workplace injury:

  • Temporary partial disability means you are able to return to “light duty work” until you have recovered. If your employer offers this to you, it may be for less than full pay.
  • Temporary total disability means you are unable to return to work at all until you have reached maximum medical improvement as determined by a doctor.

Medical Benefits for Temporary Disability

Temporary disability benefits typically cover the cost of medical care as well as payment for lost wages.

Medical payments may include the following: 

  • Medical testing
  • Treatment
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical devices
  • Travel expenses to receive medical treatment
  • Physical therapy

You don’t have to pay a deductible to receive these benefits, and all costs are paid by your employer and/or their workers’ compensation insurer.

Your employer has the right to choose the treating physician. You also have the right to obtain treatment at your own cost, or through your health insurer if work injuries are not specifically excluded by the health insurance policy.

Payments for Lost Wages

You may also receive compensation for lost pay due to your workplace injury.

  • For temporary partial disability, you may earn less than full pay while performing “light duty work.” If this is the case, you may receive 66 ⅔% of the difference between your average earnings before your injury and what you earn during your disability period.
  • If you are on temporary total disability you may receive 66 ⅔% of your average weekly wage until you are able to return to work. Benefits will continue until the doctor determines that you can work again OR that you have reached maximum medical improvement. 


Are you worried about making ends meet while recovering from a workplace injury?

Contact The Alberhasky Law Firm for a free consultation. We’ll determine how much you’re eligible for and fight to ensure that your rights are protected.

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