Critical Information to Share With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

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Hiding information from your lawyer is a sure fire way to end up losing your case, wasting time and money for yourself and your personal injury lawyer. So if you have been injured and are seeking legal representation, make sure give your attorney all the facts.

Many clients don’t realize how much of their legal and medical history will become a matter of court record during the process of litigating a personal injury claim. Keeping important information from your attorney will only result in problems and surprises during your case. The facts will come out, one way or another, so make sure that your personal injury attorney is fully informed from the beginning.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer Needs to Know: Previous Injuries

When you are beginning the process of filing a personal injury claim, your attorney will ask for your complete medical history, including all injuries, illnesses, disabilities, and other health issues, even if they seem completely unrelated to the personal injury claim.

It is impossible to predict exactly what medical information will be helpful for your claim (or will damage your claim), so fully informing your personal injury lawyer is the only way to ensure that the facts will be put to work for you instead of against you.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer Needs to Know: Previous Claims

If you have made previous personal injury claims, whether they were successful or not, your personal injury attorney must be informed. Insurance companies and defense attorneys are able to access national databases with legal information about all personal injury claims you have previously made. This information can be the difference between a failed claim and a successful claim. So be truthful with your personal injury attorney, so you can get the best representation for your case.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer Needs to Know: Previous Legal Issues

A history of legal problems is not a barrier to a successful personal injury claim. Even with a legal history, individuals still have the same rights to workers’ compensation. Failing to tell your personal injury attorney about previous legal issues, however, is a serious barrier to a successful claim.

If you give your attorney all the facts about previous legal issues, they may be able to handle the information in a way that helps your case. They may even be able to keep the information out of court. So be honest and forthright with your personal injury attorney.

Trust the Team at The Alberhasky Law Firm

When you choose the experienced and trusted team at The Alberhasky Law Firm, you should know that you can be completely honest and open about all aspects of your case. Give your personal injury attorney all the facts, so that those facts can be used to win your case. Contact us today for trustworthy personal injury representation.

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