Workers’ Compensation: The Importance of Witnesses in Workplace Injury

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Honest and reliable witnesses to workplace injuries are an extremely important part of safety, fairness, and progress in the workplace. At first glance, it may seem that the witness to a workplace injury only helps the person who was injured, because they can tell the truth about what happened, so the injured person receives fair workers’ compensation and medical treatment. However, workplace injury witnesses protect more than just the injured party. In today’s blog from The Alberhasky Law Firm, we discuss the different ways that workplace injury witnesses benefit workers, employers, and entire industries.

Workplace Injury Witnesses Protect the Injured

When a worker suffers a serious injury, it is a very good thing if there are witnesses nearby. These witnesses can help protect the injured person, provide first aid, and contact emergency medical personnel. A good witness will remember details about the circumstances of the injury that will be important for ascertaining the cause and responsibility for the accident in a workers’ compensation case.

Workplace Injury Witnesses Protect Their Co-workers

When a dangerous situation occurs in the workplace and someone is injured, it is very important to have an honest and reliable witness to the events, so the fundamental reasons for the accident can be identified and dealt with. That may mean that a conveyor belt will receive a new guardrail so that co-workers are safer, or it may mean that a reckless employee receives instruction so they will be safer in the future. Whatever may have happened, as long as the witness provides a truthful account, co-workers will benefit from the knowledge and policy changes that result.

Workplace injury witnesses do not just help the injured party receive workers’ compensation, they protect their co-workers — and themselves — from future injuries.

Workplace Injury Witnesses Protect Their Employers

It is easy to see how a witness can help protect co-workers and help the injured party receive workers’ compensation, but it may be less obvious that witnesses also protect their employers. As long as the witness provides a truthful account, the employer will have valuable information that they can use to improve their organization.

Clear and factual accounting of workplace injuries can help employers prevent future injuries, reduce liability and expenses, and protect the valuable workforce that they rely on to do business. Informed policy development pays dividends, and companies that utilize factual information to improve will lead their industry toward higher ground. Ultimately, the entire industry benefits when witnesses contribute actionable information to improve workplace safety.

The Alberhasky Law Firm Knows Workers’ Compensation

At The Alberhasky Law Firm, we understand that successful workers’ compensation cases require experienced, diligent and passionate legal representation. We care deeply about the wellbeing of every client, and we will fight for financial compensation and medical care that our clients deserve. Contact us today for information about workers’ compensation legal representation.

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